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Fan was first to be inscribed with poems in Sanguo period. In North Song Dynasty, the folding fan began to be used. It was very convenient to take. The ribs of the folding fan was made of cattle¡¯s horn, ivory, hawksbill, jade, sandalwood and so forth. In South Song Dynasty, drawing fan, selling fan and collecting fan came to prevail at that time. In the neoteric time, Hui Shoujun, Zhen Baiqiao, Jin Nong, Shi Tao, Ren Ponian and Wu Cangshuo, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi, Li Keran and so on all were very famous maestros. And now the value of their fan writings is quite high.
In Ming and Qing Dynasties, a lot of famous artists and authors were fond of putting their drawings and poetry in fan, adding cultural and aesthetic merits in the fan. The price of such fans were increased tremendously, collecting of such fans became a vogue. Sometimes the price of a famous fan is worth the value of a piece of jade or jewelry. And Chinese fan has its practical value as well as cultural, aesthetic values. At that time, the province of Zhejiang, Suzhou and Sichuan seemed with Folding fan. In Ming Dynasty, the consummate technique was brought to Europe and then to the four corners of the world.
Fan has its history of over three thousand years in China. The earliest fan of China was made of feather in Yin Dynasty. In East Han Dynasty, People started to use thread, silk and so on to make fan. They would be easy to draw and dye. There were varieties of fans with different styles and forms. People also used piece of jade as its hanging (Fan Pendant) to increase the value and aesthetic sight.


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