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Our fancy fans are completely made by hand. And the technicians are heredity from several generations. The fan paper is from the south of Zhejiang Province- fibre of mulberry bark, and Aní»hui Province-Xuan Paper. We invite the famous painter, calligrapher to paint and write on the fan to make fan perfect and fancy. Our fans are worth Collecting...
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Shaoxing Zhongcheng Art Fan Factory is the only enterprise in Shaoxing city which specializes in manufacturing paper fans.It lies about two hundred metres south of the Shaoxing Railway Station, east of which is a canal connecting Hangzhou and Ningbo.Peaceful with its beautiful surroundings,ití»s also convenient for transportation.Based on those of Huang Xin Ji Fan factory,our factory continously developed the new products of local speciality by applying modern scientific technology together with its traditional handcrafts...

With its profound culture, the Chinese Fan is the part of the principal section of traditional Chinese folk custom, which is closely related to the culture of Bamboo and Buddhism.Historically China is well known as the kingdom of fan making. Fan is made from Bamboo, wood, paper, ivory, hawksbill, jade, feather, as well as palm leaf, areca leaf, straw of wheat, cattail leaf and so forth. With these materials, fan is made into a variety of crafts...
Shaoxing--Venice of Eastern China
--Excellent tour city of China
--The personage's Country

Lu Xun (1881-1936): whose birth name was Shuren Zhou, was a famous modern litterateur,thinker and revolutionary as well.Memorials to him in Shaoxing are gallery of his lifetime, former residence, ancestral home, Baicao Garden, schooling house and Sanwei Schooling House. They are now listed in the state preservation.

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