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Shaoxing--Venice of Eastern China
--Excellent tour city of China
--The personage's Country
While walking in Shanyin Road, It just like swim in a mirror!
Water-town------Shaoxing, the Venice of East, has been praised as an excellent place of interest since ancient time. Shaoxing is located in the western of Ninshao plain, it is a famous cultural city and traditional water-town of 2,000 year history. Here, its high mountains, green water, marvelous rock and stone-bridge formed shaoxing as a fascinating picture. Here, you can climb the mountains, boat in a shalloop to enjoy its beautify. Shaoxing is also a place where cultivated the greatest men like Dayu, Goujian, Wangxizi, luyou, chaiyuanpei, goujin,luxun and zhouenglai, they not only wrote the brilliant history for Shaoxing, but left many scenic spots as well for their next generation. Shaoxing is also well-known for the tasty rice-wine,colorful handcrafts and palatable local products, among those, paper fans got a high prestige for its values of collection.

Lu Xun (1881-1936):

whose birth name was Shuren Zhou, was a famous modern litterateur,thinker and revolutionary as well.

Memorials to him in Shaoxing are gallery of his lifetime, former residence, ancestral home, Baicao Garden, schooling house and Sanwei Schooling House. They are now listed in the state preservation.
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Other Main Scenery:
Ancestral Residence of Enlai Zhou
Former Residence of Qiu Jin
Lan Pavilion
Ke Stone
Shen Garden
Tomb of Dayu
East Lake:
East Lake was formed artificially among small hills called Qingshi Hill. The project began as early as Han Dynasty. Working people went on with the project for hundreds of years continuously and finally their talent and creativity together with their hard work resulted in what it is now.
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