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Shaoxing paper fans are world famous as a traditional art product. Its relative products have reached nearly all parts of the world.During the Qing Dynasty, fan production was already very prosperous which was mostly centralized in Shaoxing city, jiahuixingpu,zhoujiaqiao,zhoushan meishan,and Xingpu,Zhoujiaqiao are the most prosperious places producig paper fans which has been called "fan puteus",most of the families are fan-makers except that few engaged in farming.At that time, the fan mill is no less than 500,and Zhongcheng craft fan factory is well-known for its delicate craftmanship.

Shaoxing Zhongcheng Art Fan Factory is the only enterprise in Shaoxing city which specializes in manufacturing paper fans.It lies about two hundred metres south of the Shaoxing Railway Station, east of which is a canal connecting Hangzhou and Ningbo.Peaceful with its beautiful surroundings,ití»s also convenient for transportation.Based on those of Huang Xin Ji Fan factory,our factory continously developed the new products of local speciality by applying modern scientific technology together with its traditional handcrafts.

We have highly experienced technicians, painters, calligraphists, expert at fan designing and making.So we can design products meeting different interests and requests.
Zhongcheng paper fans are rich in varieties, magnificent in design, and rarefied in materials.Our fan frames are made up of delicate bamboo. Finely processed, they are smart, flexible, ametabolic, and preservative as well.The most gorgeous fan is the Black Paper whose cover is made of fibre of mulberry bark, completely soaked in a natural oil paint.
Each fan takes more than eighty procedures before it is finished.


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Qiyan bridge,The center of passenger transport,Shaoxing,Zhejiang, P.R.China
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